Monday, April 11, 2011

Release Day!

Today is release day for my SECOND novel (which I think means I get to call myself multi-published now, woohoo!), A Marriage of Inconvenience.

I got a lovely review at Heroes and Heartbreakers. Also, Carina Press is offering my first book, The Sergeant's Lady at half price through April 29.


  1. Being likened to Jane Austen - well done!

  2. I tried to buy your book today and carina press is not working properly. How sad.

  3. I'm sorry you weren't able to buy it. I know there's been an intermittent bug that they're working on fixing. I just checked and it's working for me now. If you try again and still can't buy, I encourage you to go through a third party retailer. It's available most places, but I'll be a good Northwesterner and recommend Powell's: