Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life is pretty good

My writing life, and really my life in general, looks pretty good right now. My carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis still aren't 100% healed, but they're getting there. I've got a new desk in my home office that's much better for me ergonomically--sort of a bittersweet thing, since my old desk was BEAUTIFUL, while the new one is a plain, cheap pine table from IKEA. But this summer once it's warm and sunny I'm going to take it out on the deck and paint or stain it, and really, when it's your health and ability to work that's on the line, function has to trump form.

Now that I can write again, I'm putting in two writing sessions a day. Normally the first is 30 minutes during my lunch hour at work and the second is an hour late at night. I'm not worrying too much about word count, but just trying to put in regular time at the keyboard and get some forward momentum going. I'll never be the fastest writer in the world, but at least I feel like I'm finally making progress.

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