Thursday, January 20, 2011

What shall I name my new computer?

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that I'll be getting a new computer to improve my ergonomics, replacing my laptop with a desktop system. I've almost decided to make the transition from PC-land and get an iMac. Time to stop swearing about my Dell and try something different.

Which brings me to the all-important question of what to name the computer. (I love naming things. Naming my characters is one of my favorite parts of starting a new book, and while I never wanted a large family, I kinda regret not having 6-7 kids just so I could use up all the names I love most. And maybe by Kid #7 I could've worn down Mr. Fraser and got him to admit that Malcolm Arthur is just the most splendiferous boy's name EVER.)

But back to computers. For years all ours had sports-related names from schools we or our family members had attended--Buffalo, Quaker, War Eagle, and the like. Eventually, we ran out of mascots and branched out. Mr. Fraser has Niehaus, for the late, beloved Mariners radio announcer, and he calls his iPad Precious, because it is his Preciousssss.

Naturally I name my machines after my historical interests, and I am currently the proud owner of Wellington the Laptop, Napoleon the Netbook, and Austen the Kindle. So I'm thinking the iMac might be Blucher or Ney. Or maybe since it's a home system, I'll name it for one of my people's houses. Apsley, or maybe Malmaison.

What do you think?


  1. Love it. My brain froze when I had to name my Kindle so it is...dunh dunh dunhhhhh...'Bob.'

    *hangs head in shame*

  2. That's what happens when my daughter asks for help naming new pets in her online Littlest Pet Shop game. Pet Shop toys aren't on my Must Be Named list, and she isn't interested in any of my history geek ideas. ("What, Miss Fraser? You DON'T think Cuddliest Panda #643 looks like a Napoleon?")

    I'm leaning toward Apsley for the computer, partly because Apsley the iMac has a nice ring, and partly because Apsley House is the Duke of Wellington's London house, and this computer will be a city computer. When I'm fabulously best-selling and have a second place over on Whidbey Island or the Olympic Peninsula, THAT computer can be Malmaison, or maybe Stratfield Saye for the Wellington country seat.

    Not that I'd ever overthink this or anything...