Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing Weekend (sorta): This is why I'll never get to choose my own cover models...

My tendinitis is gradually improving, so I'm trying to return to a normal life of work, writing, blog posts, and generally hanging out online.

This post is going to mostly be pictures, though. Eye least for me.

You see, I got an idea for a new novella, which I'm going to work on concurrently with my historical fantasy WIP. It's set in the run-up to the Battle of Waterloo, with a seasoned, weather-beaten officer hero.

I immediately knew my Harry looks exactly like Christopher Eccleston:

Just give him a bit more hair, put him in a red coat with a sword in his hand, and can't you just see him all intense and badass on the battlefield? I sure can.

And a man who looks good in a leather coat would also work an early 19th century greatcoat, dontcha think?

What a profile!

I think he'd look great on cover. Don't you?




  1. Well he certainly made a great Dr. Who.... Seriously though, I could picture him thus. If you look back at the portraits of the men and women who really lived in that era, he would fit right in., and actually stand out as quite handsome.

  2. Yeah, I liked his take on the Doctor so much that I was never able to warm to Ten and gradually gave up on the show.

    I agree that he'd fit right in with the portraits of the era--I think because his features are so very lived-in and English.

  3. I would LOVE to see that! In general we need some cover models with bigger noses. :)

    (I do think you should check out Eleven's season--I never warmed to Ten either, but Eleven is weird and charming as all get out and I like his storyline much better.)

  4. I would LOVE to see that! In general we need some cover models with bigger noses. :)

    Totally, especially since IME strong features tend to come in a set--you don't generally get a smallish, perfectly straight nose on a rugged-featured face.