Friday, July 2, 2010

Reader, I married him...

Mr. Fraser is a web developer, a very good one. He's worked in the field for over a decade, and he's taught university-level classes and is often invited to give workshops at tech conferences. So naturally when I sold The Sergeant's Lady I asked him to do my author website rather than trying to do it myself from a template or hiring an outsider.

The only problem is that I happened to sell while he was in the midst of teaching a class on top of his full-time job, AND while we were buying a house and moving into it. He was far too busy to build my site right away, so I said that was fine, just get me something up a month or so before my release date.

A few weeks ago I was putting together my information for the "Coming in August" section of the July Regency Reader newsletter. The editor requested author URLs, and I thought it would look more professional to have a website up instead of just a blog.

So I asked Mr. Fraser if he could please please pretty please get me something basic live by July 1. He said yes, albeit reluctantly because we were scrambling to empty and clean our old townhouse before our lease expired June 30.

The townhouse required even more work and time than I'd anticipated. As of Wednesday evening, Mr. Fraser still hadn't gotten a chance to get the website up. Cue the Anxious Panic Deadline side of my personality, which is, shall we say, not my husband's favorite thing about me. (It's not MY favorite thing about me, either, though it must be said I rarely miss deadlines, even if I sometimes make myself and everyone around me miserable meeting them.) He was out till late at a meeting and ultimately came home and created this.

I think it's hilarious. Though if that's still the version that's up when I'm packing for RWA National at the end of the month, I'll flip right back to Anxious Panic Deadline Mode.


  1. My husband offered to design and make up promotional pens for me -- in 2007. I'm still waiting.

  2. That's hysterical, Susanna! I love all his comments. :)

  3. Dropping in a bit randomly, but I just had to tell you that I think the site is brilliant. It had me grinning from the start, and hey, I read through all the way and my curiosity about the title has become an intention to buy and read your book! (I was already predisposed by the war story bit, but still.) I actually prefer a page with a plain design that's bursting with personality (and that's even grammatical!) to the slick productions you often see from, um, less time-pressed web designers.

    Anyway, good luck with the book!