Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conference time

I'm leaving for RWA National in Orlando on Tuesday, and the scramble to get ready is already on. I have my outfits, including two very different Little Black Dresses for my publisher's party and for the Golden Heart/Rita awards ceremony. I'm making a Target list of all the odds and ends and travel-sized toiletries I need to collect. I've got cell numbers for my roommate and the friends I'm planning to meet for meals.

I have business cards with my book cover on them ready to hand out. I'm working on an excerpt booklet, if I can just wrestle Word 2007 into submission and get it formatted properly. I splurged on Early Bird Check-In to guarantee myself a place in the A boarding group, and therefore an aisle seat, on all my flights. (I fly Southwest whenever I can because they're friendly, they don't charge for your second checked bag, they rarely lose luggage, they don't penalize you if you, say, develop a stomach virus 12 hours before your flight is scheduled to take off or have your conference moved from Nashville to Orlando because of flooding or otherwise have to reschedule...and most of all because I like having some control over where I sit!)

Because I'm a planner, I started making a chart for each day of the conference, tracking where I'll be an when. And I can hardly wait to go, but I'm going to be one exhausted introvert by the time I get home Aug. 1. Unlike my first trip to RWA four years ago, when my roommate and I spent most of our nights hanging out quietly in our room, I don't have a single unscheduled evening. It'll be wonderful. But overwhelming.

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