Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I guess it really IS the 21st century

Mr. Fraser and I have been busily signing a bewildering variety of documents over the past two weeks, and we may be closing on our new home as early as next week. Tonight we signed a document allowing us to close earlier than our originally scheduled date, which isn't till mid-May...but the interesting part is where and how we signed it. Electronic signatures, over our iPhones, during the lulls of a baseball game.

History geek that I am, I sometimes imagine how much the people of the historical era I write about would've enjoyed all my new techie toys...only this doesn't entail picturing what they would've made of electricity or the internal combustion engine or anything else I've had all my life. No, I picture the Duke of Wellington on horseback with his iPhone, using the GPS to calculate his army's route of march, or Napoleon in his campaign tent, reading the reports from Paris on his Kindle.

Sometimes my imagination is just strange.

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