Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorites NEXT Monday

I was going to post yesterday about my favorite reads of 2010, but work went mildly haywire, I didn't have time to blog at lunch, and by the time I got home I was completely exhausted and didn't have energy for anything beyond the bare necessities of cooking, eating, and reading Miss Fraser a bedtime story. (She prefers my reading to Mr. Fraser's for some reason, which strikes me as odd because I really think he's better at reading aloud than I am. Lovely baritone voice, and doesn't get tongue-tangled trying to read aloud at silent reading speed like I'm prone to do. Maybe it's that I'm marginally more tolerant of being asked to explain the plot when if she'd just wait till the next chapter or sometimes even the next SCENE, all would be revealed.)

Anyway, I'll move my Favorite Reads post till next Monday and make it my last post before taking a travel/holiday break until the new year.

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