Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today on the blog tour

Today I'm at my publisher's blog, and by the end of the day I should have three posts up, talking about my influences as a writer and including an excerpt from The Sergeant's Lady. The first post is already up, reflecting on my adolescent love of Sunfire YA historicals and traditional Regency romances and the degree to which The Sergeant's Lady is a combination of the two, with sex scenes. No giveaway today, but please stop by and say hi anyway!

I'm going to post more about what it's like to go through my debut week as an author, but I think I'm going to wait till I've had time to reflect on the experience a bit more. It's oddly like your wedding day, in that it's something you dream of for a long time before it actually happens and you expect to be walking on air, but when it gets there it's awesome, but nothing like what you expected, and your mind tends to glom onto the most trivial things instead of the fact you're Actually Finally Getting Married. When I look back at my wedding day, I remember being tired (I was diagnosed with mono maybe two weeks later--I got chicken pox at 18 and mono at 28, and I hope I continue the pattern of getting diseases ten years past the usual time, 'cuz I'll live longer that way), the logistics of moving in a big dress, the problems with the caterer, and so on. All the romantic high points were before or after that day. When I look back at this week...well, I'll let you know once I'm actually looking back!

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