Monday, August 9, 2010

Did I mention that this industry is in flux?

Romance publisher Dorchester is dropping its traditional mass market paperback program and switching to e-book with at least some trade paperback and/or print-on-demand presence.

What I'm hearing from their authors (two of whom are my critique partners Rose Lerner and Alyssa Everett) doesn't quite match the PW story linked above. It sounds as if, at least for now, ALL previously scheduled releases will be released as ebooks on or around their originally planned date, with trade paperback editions coming out six months later.

Ebooks are the future--I don't think anyone doubts that anymore--and at least for popular fiction, the future has arrived. Whether the new business model will work out for Dorchester in particular...well, time will tell. They're moving into it as a struggling company with cash flow issues. I hope they succeed, for the sake of all my friends and critique partners who have contracts with them.

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