Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Not to Wear to RWA: Shoes

I'm a shoe minimalist. My feet force me to be. They're big--size 11 even though I'm a barely above average 5'7" in height. They're an odd shape, narrow at the heel and wide through the toes. And they're on the flat side and need lots of arch support. One of my great-uncles on the side of the family that bequeathed me these ginormous flat wedges was deemed unfit for combat in WWII on account of his feet.

At any given time I have less than ten pairs of shoes in circulation. Shoes that fit me comfortably are hard to find and expensive, so I rely on basic styles that work with a variety of outfits.

So I feel weird about giving shoe advice for a writers conference. But I will anyway.

Leave your sneakers and Tevas at home (or save them for the hotel gym or your side trip to Epcot). They're too casual. But for daytime events, pick something that looks dressier but feels just as comfortable. You'll spend a lot more time than you expect on your feet walking from one workshop to another, waiting in line, and the like. So if the shoes you want to wear would pinch your feet or leave you with pained arches and a sore back after a day at the mall, leave them home. And if you buy new shoes, do so at least a week or two beforehand and break them in good first.

My personal choice? Dansko professional clogs like the one in the picture. Comfortable and cute, and they work equally well with jeans and my Take Me Seriously job interview black pantsuit.

For evening events? Wear whatever matches your dress. And if you can wear the dainty, flimsy little things that are pretty much just feet jewelry, I'll be envying you in my sensible low-heeled pumps or sturdy sandals.

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