Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why, hello, cobwebby blog!

I hadn't realized it had been quite THIS long since I'd updated this blog. I somehow never got up the time and energy to do an update of everything I'd read on the Europe trip, including ALL the Amazon  buy links...and since I've been reassessing my writing career and goals, it didn't seem as critical to be putting fresh content online every single week.

But now I'm writing with the intent to publish again (as opposed to writing with the intention to entertain with fanfic, which I did while reassessing my career goals and will probably continue to do on a small scale, because it's so fun to participate in fandom, not to mention put up a piece of writing and get near-instant feedback). I'm just starting one new project with another further down the pipeline, both in new-to-me genres--contemporary romance and urban fantasy. It may be a year or more before I have a new release to talk about, but I wanted to go ahead and revive this blog.

I won't be logging every book I read, however. I already do that over at LibraryThing, and I don't want to fuss around copying and pasting and looking for Amazon links instead of LibraryThing ones to put the exact same content here. But if you're interested, please do check it out! I enjoy the LibraryThing community and taking part in some of their reading challenges.

What I'm going to do instead is a monthly post recommending whatever I read in the past month that I think is especially notable. There won't be a set number of books, though I can't imagine going a whole month without reading ANYTHING that makes me think, "Hey, some of my friends/readers would think this was awesome, too."

I'm also going to shoot for two weekly posts: 1) a Wednesday recipe post, since I love cooking, talking about food, and finding/helping others find good recipes, whether they're elaborate weekend productions or quick work night dinners; and 2) a Friday "What's Making Me Happy This Week" post, inspired by the good people at Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Beyond that, maybe I'll find time to write occasional commentary on how my writing is going, what's going on in the writing world, etc. Or I may not! Because while I enjoy blogging, it's a lower priority than writing, reading, cooking, or, you know, family, friends, and the job that pays the bills.

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