Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading challenges update

I continue to work toward the assorted reading challenges I set myself in 2011, even while it occurs to me I might have slightly overdone the resolution-making this year.

On my buy-and-read challenge, I read Songs of Love and Death, or at least began it. It's an anthology on the theme of star-crossed love, mostly by romance and SFF authors, bought for the sake of the Jacqueline Carey and Diana Gabaldon entries, mostly. I read their stories first, naturally, but I plan to read the others as I'm in the mood for short stories over the course of the year.

And for my research reading challenge, I took up Passion and Principle: the Loves and Lives of Regency Women, by Jane Aiken Hodge. It's a series of mini-biographies of assorted famous and notorious women of the extended Regency era. It covers too many women in too few pages to go into any great depth on any of them, but it's a readable overview of the opportunities, limitations, and challenges for women 200 years ago and what they might face if they tested their limits.

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