Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My world is all boxes

The House of Fraser has a new house! A new-to-us house, in any case, originally built in 1963. Calling us "moved in" would be premature. I'm trying to unpack five boxes a night, and I plan to spend several hours this weekend over at our old townhouse. Our lease there doesn't run out till 6/30, and we still need to get rid of assorted clutter, vacuum, mop, and so on.

Mr. Fraser is going to his 20-year high school reunion this weekend, so I'm not going to get back to writing until next week. But I started reading again Monday evening after the movers left, and I finished Naamah's Curse this morning. Castle Fraser is a cosmetic fixer, so we're going to be stripping wallpaper, painting, and so on for the foreseeable future, but I'm beginning to get my life back.

Incidentally, when I first walked into this house about three months ago, I knew. Garish, outdated paint and wallpaper choices notwithstanding, I walked through it thinking, "This is it. We can live here." I'd gone to the open house by myself, since Mr. Fraser needed to work and the novelty of touring houses had long since worn off for Miss Fraser, but I called them and told them they HAD to come right away, because I'd found it.

I claim not to believe in love at first sight. But I knew this was our house the first time I walked through it, and I had a strong feeling within 24 hours of meeting Mr. Fraser that I was going to marry him. So I'm inconsistent sometimes.

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