Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life isn't quite back to normal yet

I'm now Five Days A.M. (After Move), but life is still far from settling into a normal pattern. The lease on our old place doesn't end till 6/30, and there's still clutter and cleaning to do over there. It takes much, much longer than a few days to unpack a family of three's boxed-up lives, especially when you're working full time. And to top it off, Mr. Fraser's 20-year high school reunion is this weekend, more than halfway across the country. Miss Fraser's school year doesn't end till next week, so he went alone, leaving me to play single parent since Thursday.

So that's why this blog is so quiet. I didn't even blog yesterday, on the 195th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. I hope no one comes to take away my Duke of Wellington fangirl card for that.

Eventually, life will settle down, and I'll go back to a routine of blogging 3-4 times a week, mostly on writerly topics. For now, well, today I shuttled Miss Fraser to soccer practice--outdoors, in the chilly rain--then dragged her around as I dropped off donations at a local thrift store and spent several hours cleaning the old house. We're both signed up for our local library's summer reading program. And I'm tired and wondering how two introverts managed to produce such an extroverted, talkative child.

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