Monday, June 28, 2010

Always a work in progress

No sooner had we signed the papers on our new home than Mr. Fraser said it needed a name. (It couldn't actually be Castle Fraser, as I've referred to it here, because there's not a drop of Highland blood in Mr. Fraser's veins--Fraser comes from my family tree, not his.)

I nodded tolerantly. I've never named a house before or felt the need to. But then again, I've never owned a house before.

We started packing and moving. We scraped wallpaper, painted walls, and bought a fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. Every once in awhile Mr. Fraser would state again that the house needed naming.

Then, last week, he announced that he'd found the perfect name:

Mae Angen Gwaith.

It's Welsh for "It needs work." (Pronounced "My AHN-gin gwyth," more or less.) And IMHO it's a perfect fit, because I have a feeling it'll never not be true. If we ever finish all the projects currently on our list, by then we'll be looking at our living room (currently freshly painted) and saying, "You know, that shade of yellow is SO 2010."

Books, once you sell them, eventually take on a final form. Houses are always a work in progress.


  1. that is a fabulous name! And there's nothing like a house to suck every dime out of your pockets, as you'll find out!

  2. Yeah, we'd not been there a full week when we had to call in a repairman because the dryer was squeaking and leaving oily streaks on our clothes! Sigh.