Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Reading, Books 10-12

10. Rita book #2 was grammatical. And not offensive in any way. But that's all I can say for it.

11. The Book of Jezebel by Anna Holmes, Kate Harding, and Amanda Hess

If you enjoy visiting the Jezebel website, you will most likely enjoy this encyclopedia of feminism, snark, and pop culture. And since it IS an encyclopedia, you will likely read it in the same way I did, using odd snatches of time here and there--it's your classic bathroom or waiting-in-line book.

12. Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

I've always felt that plotting is one of my weak points as a writer. I can create believable and sympathetic characters, write smoothly crafted prose, and build a believable setting, but figuring out what to do with those elements is more of a challenge. I enjoyed this book because it treats plotting as a skill that can be taught, and because it offered practical and flexible guidelines. I expect to refer back to it when I start my next project.

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