Monday, January 3, 2011

Favorites Monday: Sunfire Romance

I cut my romance-reading teeth on the Sunfire YA historical romance line as a teen in the 80's. They were so much more fun than the regular YA romance of that day that just had girls going to school and finding boyfriends. I mean, I went to school. I even briefly had a boyfriend despite being by no stretch of the imagination one of the popular kids. Why would I want to READ about something so mundane? Sunfires were so much more fun, because I got to imagine what it would be like to travel the Oregon Trail or sail on the Titanic or live in Jamestown...AND get a boyfriend who was much more interesting than any quarterback or lead in the school play.

Any other Sunfire fans out there? My favorites were Amanda, Sabrina, Nicole, Marilee, and Emily.

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