Friday, March 11, 2016

Making Me Happy 3/11/16

This week I'm going to do it--I'm NOT going to use this post to rave about Sleepy Hollow or Hamilton.

Instead, I'll start by saying the thing that is making me happiest of all this week is that I just heard that a Facebook friend of mine--not a super close friend, but a former coworker--just got her first pathology results following chemo and a mastectomy for breast cancer that was caught at stage 3. They came back NED - No Evidence of Disease. Take that, cancer, you evil beast! You can't kill us all! Not today!

Other happy-making things:

I've started writing original fiction again for the first time in over a year--specifically, the interracial, Alabama-Auburn, just-how-much-can-I-starcross-these-lovers contemporary romance I occasionally bring up on Twitter. I'm just tiptoeing back in, but the characters and voices are starting to come alive for me.

I'm signed up for my first of three planned 5K's this year, on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, and I'm planning to start training for it next week, now that it's going to be Daylight Savings Time and I'll be able to run after work.

And since I want to share at least one thing that's something my readers can go out and experience for themselves, I'll talk about one of my favorite board games. My husband, you see, has become absolutely obsessed with board and/or card games. Mental challenges! Family togetherness! Entertainment for friends! While I tend to be happier with games like Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, or Cards Against Humanity that focus more on knowledge or wordplay, I'm learning to enjoy--and occasionally even win--some of Mr. Fraser's favorites. And one I'd like to recommend as a perfect combination of easy to learn but varied enough to offer continued challenges is Splendor.

You're a Renaissance gem merchant. Your goal is to out-compete the other merchants by stockpiling gems to earn prestige points, with bonuses in the form of "visits from nobles" that vary from game to game.

So if you and your family or friends enjoy board games, by all means give this one a try. It's also available as an iPad app, one that I find useful for unwinding at the end of an evening.

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