Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Recipe: Kid-Tastic Pizzadillas

This recipe is definitely a quick and easy dinner recipe whether than one where I show off my mad cooking skills--in fact, it's the easiest recipe in my repertoire outside of hot dogs or adding some cooked chicken to a salad kit and warming up a loaf of French bread to dip in olive oil and balsamic. But I figure most of us need more quick and easy ideas, so at least half of my recipe posts will fall into that category.

Since the recipe is available on the MyRecipes website, I am linking to it rather than copying and pasting here.

As you'll see, it's ridiculously easy. I usually modify it by using regular tortillas and pepperoni rather than fat-free tortillas and turkey pepperoni. And, of course, you don't have to make it pizza-flavored. I'm just as likely to use a Cheddar Jack blend and cooked chicken and salsa for the dipping sauce--the recipe's virtue is in being a quick, idiot-proof way to make a quesadilla. At least, it's about 99% idiot-proof--be sure to check before the stated time to make sure your tortillas aren't burning. With my oven/baking sheet combo it takes closer to six minutes than ten to brown them once you fold them over.

Anyway, it's that easy. Add a salad on the side, and you've got a nice, fairly light weeknight dinner that will leave you with plenty of time to write, binge watch your latest favorite TV show, get more sleep, or whatever your heart desires.

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