Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming to RWA? Help choose my next cover!

Tomorrow I fly down to Anaheim for RWA '12. At this point I'm mostly packed, though I've got plenty of last-minute errands to make this a busy day.

This year for the first time I'll be signing at the annual literacy signing. It's on Wednesday from 5-8 PM in the 3rd floor ballroom of the Anaheim Convention Center, and it's open to the general public, so do stop by if you're in the area.  This is the first year they've let ebook-only authors participate, and what we'll be signing is publisher-produced CD's of our works.  Personally, I'd far rather they set it up so readers can download copies for their e-readers onsite and have the sales count toward the literacy benefit. Maybe next year...and at least they're finally letting us take part.

Oh, and unlike previous years, authors will not be seated alphabetically. I'll be at Table 207, along with Loreth Anne White, Angie Fox, Olivia Gates, Anne Hope, and Ruthie Knox.

One more piece of conference part of the Carina Press spotlight this year, the Carina team will discuss the cover selection process and offer those at the spotlight the chance to vote on different cover concepts for two upcoming releases. And one of them will be An Infamous Marriage. I've seen the two draft covers, and they're both wonderful, as Carina's generally are. But they're quite different in how they're posed and in the overall look and feel, and I'll be fascinated to see how the vote turns out.

If you're going to RWA and want to help pick my cover, come to the Carina spotlight at 9:45 on Thursday.

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