Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog updates

As often happens when I go to RWA, I've been making midsummer resolutions. One of them is to get back on a regular blogging schedule. I figure I've got two main topics:

1) Books, and the reading and writing thereof
2) Food, and the cooking and eating thereof (with occasional side discussions on health and fitness)

So my new goal is four posts per week, two on each topic. For books, that's one post on what I'm reading and one on something to do with writing--what I'm working on, or aspects of craft, time management, or the business of writing.

On the food side, I'm reluctantly abandoning my 52 Cookbooks series. I'd fallen too far behind on posting, and the blogging was becoming a chore, though the cooking wasn't.  So I'm starting fresh. I'm going to keep doing one new-to-me recipe per week from a random cookbook, though I'm going to cull the ones I know aren't very good and add those I've gotten since starting the project.

But I also want to blog a bit about day-to-day cooking. Because my husband has a long commute while mine is quite short, I do most of the weeknight cooking.  It's a constant challenge to come up with a variety of interesting and nutritious meals that are FAST, and therefore don't eat up my precious writing time.  And as groceries get more and more expensive, I'm looking for ways to eat more frugally.  So...fast, frugal, tasty, and nutritious.  All at once. Methinks that won't be easy...and therefore that anything I discover might be worth sharing.

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