Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm back!

Late last night I turned in the manuscript for An Infamous Marriage, so today I'm starting to catch up on everything I missed in the two weeks all my spare time was spent in the editing cave. (This afternoon it's mostly about laundry.)

Today is also the second anniversary of getting The Email from Angela James offering to buy my first book, The Sergeant's Lady. And yes, getting an offer on April Fool's Day did mess with my head. 90% of me was thrilled, while the other 10% nervously eyed the calendar and thought, "Hm, do you have any enemies or friends with cruel senses of humor who A) know you well enough to know you sent the manuscript to Carina and B) have the skills to convincingly fake an email from Angela James?"

This year Mr. Fraser did manage to catch me out just after midnight. Normally I don't much trust anything he says on April 1--if he told me it was raining I'd look out the window myself to confirm--but in my head it was still March 31. So he starts spinning this tale of a job offer from a former employer that would be a slight pay cut from his current work, but a much shorter commute. He told it so plausibly that I was seriously weighing whether the pay cut would be worth it to have him working on this side of Lake Washington again, whether going back to the former employer was a wise career decision, etc. He closed with, "And I already know what I'm going to say?" Me: "Really?" Him: "APRIL FOOL'S." Me: SNARL


  1. You ever worry that someday you're going to come out of the editing cave and discover that civilization came to an abrupt and messy end a full week earlier? I mean, this could happen...

  2. Well, there's a note on my door listing when the husband and the kid are allowed to interrupt. It doesn't explicitly list the messy and abrupt end of civilization, but I think, "Are we at war with a NEW country?" "Was there a major terrorist attack?" and "Are the North Korean nukes on the way across the ocean RIGHT NOW?" cover most of the possibilities...

  3. See, now *that's* thinking ahead!