Monday, March 19, 2012

52 Cookbooks - Week 21, Cook it Together

I'm a couple cookbooks behind on blogging this project, but I still remember what I thought of the recipes, so here goes:

Cookbook #21 was Cook It Together, a children's cookbook by Annabel Karmel. I gave Miss Fraser (age 7) free rein to choose a recipe, and she selected the exact one I expected:

Banana Bites

1-2 bananas
4 oz. chocolate (milk or semisweet)
dried coconut and/or sprinkles

1) Peel the bananas and trim off the ends. Chop the flesh into bite-sized pieces.

2) Break the chocolate into a heat-proof bowl. (Or measure out the chocolate chips.) Put the bowl over a pan of hot water to melt the chocolate, stirring occasionally. Leave to cool slightly.

3) Push a straw through each banana piece, then drizzle melted chocolate over it.

4) Roll the chocolate-covered banana in the coconut or sprinkles. Let the chocolate harden, then serve.

Our verdict? Messy yet tasty. To simplify, you could just roll whole bananas in melted chocolate and sprinkles, etc. That's the way they did it at Miss Fraser's after-school club a few weeks later, and she liked that way better.

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  1. You can get lollipop sticks at places like AC Moore and Hobby Lobby. Those might work better than straws.