Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinched nerve update

I realized I hadn't posted about my pinched nerve in awhile, so...a quick update:

It's better. Mostly. I still get regular flareups of shoulder and arm pain, but if I stay on top of my home exercises and watch my posture, I can manage it and still write and work a full schedule at my day job. I still avoid really heavy lifting, but I can manage everyday things--carrying groceries and the like--with no real issues. I can cook almost anything I want, but I've learned I'll regret chopping-intensive recipes the next day, especially if they involve tough root vegetables. (This despite the fact the pain is on my non-dominant side.)

I don't know if I'll ever be 100% again, but I'm hoping it's like my right ankle, which I severely sprained twice within a year as a high school senior and college freshman. Throughout my college years that ankle ached, popped, and would twist out from under me if I put my foot a smidge wrong. But it gradually improved, and now, many years later, it's only slightly weaker than my never-injured left ankle. Meanwhile, even though my shoulder and arm aren't perfect, I haven't missed any work time because of them in months, and I'm on pace to turn my next manuscript in time, so it's all good. At least, it's all good enough.

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