Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Books read, week of 1/31

I had a busy week of reading, though most of these books were extremely short.

13) Book Which Must Not Be Named (#2 of 8). Another Rita entry, like #11 a book filled with words collected into sentences, about which I will not comment.

14) Catching Jordan, by Miranda Kenneally. If this book was one of my Rita entries, I'd give it a perfect 9. It's a YA romance that I loved despite being, oh, 20-25 years older than the target audience. Aside from that, it could've been written for me. The heroine, daughter of an NFL quarterback, happens to be the best high school quarterback in her state, and she dreams of playing for an elite program in college. Given my love for college football (War Eagle!) and the fact I was always more one of the guys than a typically girly girl, I couldn't NOT enjoy this book.

15) Book Which Must Not Be Named (3 of 8): Another Rita entry.

16) Wellington's Generals, by Michael Barthorp. This one wouldn't be of interest to anyone who isn't a devoted scholar of Wellington's army, but for me it was a useful reminder of how the command structure worked and what divisional and brigade commanders did. (The hero of my current manuscript is a fictional major-general.) Also, I'll probably be scanning the color plates of generals in uniform to include with my cover art information sheet once the book is finished and in production. Not that I get too worked up over whether every single detail is right, but I'm hoping I can keep my streak of heroes actually wearing clothes on my covers going for at least a couple more books...

17) Book Which Must Not Be Name (4 of 8): Halfway through my Rita entries! Since I'm avoiding any hint of identifying information, I think I'm safe in saying this one was an especially sweet, satisfying mini-gem of a story. And it's NOT one of the ones I expected to enjoy based on the cover blurb. The one I thought I'd like best in fact got my lowest score so far.

18) Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Promise Part 1, by Michael Dante DiMartino, Brian Konietzko, Gene Luen Yang, and Bryan Gurihiru. I was late to the party on Avatar:TLAB, only discovering it last summer because my daughter is into anime, manga, and anime-esque shows and I thought she might like it. I'm glad I found it, because IMHO the storytelling is on par with Buffy or Deep Space 9 at their best (i.e. my all-time favorites). I'm even more excited for The Legend of Korra this summer than I am for the second season of Game of Thrones. So naturally I got the first entry in the comic book series bridging the two as soon as Amazon would bring it to my doorstep.

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