Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blogroll Updated

I've added a few new sites to my blogroll for your reading pleasure.

Fellow research geeks, especially those of the Georgian/Regency/Victorian stripe should check out Number One London. Though I swear if Kristine Hughes and I ever meet, we're going to come to blows over the Duke of Wellington. You know, over who gets first dibs on him once time travel is invented...

Debuts and Reviews is by my fellow Carina author Tia Nevitt. I like her thoughtful approach to reviewing and her focus on debut authors.

Romance Bandits is a chatty, high traffic group blog that encourages reader participation.

Janet Reid is not my agent, but you can be sure if I ever write something she represents while I'm still unagented, she'll be the very first person I query. I love her blend of snark and industry wisdom.

If I ever need a break from the Napoleonic Era, the first place I'm going to go is 5th century BCE Greece. I love the Greco-Persian wars and Periclean Athens. Gary Corby is already there with his soon-to-debut mystery series.

And last but not least, there's my publisher's own blog. Follow for news on all their new releases, what they're looking for in submissions, etc.


  1. Came here from your website. I think your husband did a wonderful job with it! :)

    And love the theme you use for your blog. It's the same one I use for mine!

  2. I just saw your website. As a fellow Jane Austin lover, I will be buying your book. Plus, you amuse me. Greatness all around.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Marisa and Betty! I hope you enjoy the book. If I'd guessed when my husband made that website that it'd get me onto Smart Bitches...well, I would've laughed even harder. I think he's a little disappointed I didn't go into meltdown when I first saw it. ;-)